What can you expect? 14 May 2020

Please ring to RESCHEDULE your appointment if you are unwell with a cough, fever, sneezing and runny nose, sore throat, or shortness of breath.

1. When you arrive at the clinic, please park and wait at the back door until your therapist calls or waves you into the clinic. 

2. Your therapist will be wearing a mask. You are invited to bring your own face mask if you would like.

2. We will ask you some brief screening questions. We will ask you to sign a form with your answers. 

3. We will explain the new protocol in the clinic to you.

4. You will be asked to wash your hands on entry to the clinic before coming with the therapist to the room.

5.  Your therapist will check with you that your consultation form is up to date.

6. You will be asked to place all of your clothes and other belongings on the chair (which will be wiped with anti-bacterial spray afterwards).

7. After the treatment, you will be asked to open the door when you are ready. The therapist will return to the room with the eftpos machine to take payment and re-booking will be taken in the room as well. 

8. Hand sanitiser will be available in each treatment room as well as in reception and bathroom areas, for you to   use before leaving.

9. Therapists will be ensuring that all surfaces that are frequently touched are cleaned thoroughly and often with anti-bacterial spray. All linen will be changed (as is our usual process).

We hope that these procedures help to make us all feel safe, so that we can resume with our normal day to day activities again.