5 good reasons to have a massage in autumn 14 May 2021

As you lie on the warm massage table and think about the pretty leaves falling, you may be interested to know that massage therapy does much more than just relax you! 1. It helps to relieve stress. 2.It can help boost immunity. 3.It can help you sleep better. 4.It can help reduce anxiety and depression. 5. It can help relieve tension in an area of tightness e.g. neck and shoulders.

To find out more go to our “Benefits of massage” page:  https://www.serenitytherapy.co.nz/benefits-of-massage


Faye Marie 14 May 2021

Due to bereavement and family health reasons, Faye Marie is currently unavailable for massage. It is unknown at this stage when she will be returning to Serenity.


Listen to your body 11 May 2021

"If you listen to your body when it whispers, you won't have to hear it scream."

Your body will often let you know if something is not quite right. Sometimes it just gives you a few gentle messages (a twitchy muscle, a slight ache in the back, a lack of usual movement etc). It is then that you need to listen to your body carefully. Maybe you need to stop and change your activity or just have a rest. Or maybe you need to go to a treatment provider, such as massage therapy, to help you.  Be proactive and take some action early. Your body will thank you for it!