Lithos Therapy

What is Lithos Therapy?

This is an extraordinary massage treatment using specially designed and shaped rock instruments which are either heated or chilled and placed strategically on or next to your body and used within the massage procedure.  The use of heated and chilled rocks using thermotherapy and cryotherapy, allows for a more efficient and effective massage treatment.  It helps restore a feeling of well being by improving circulation, detoxification (through lymphatic drainage) and deep relaxation. 

What's unique about Lithos Rocks?

Each Rock instrument is hand crafted and superbly finished to suit individual muscles and areas of the body. Lithos Therapy uses the very best Rocks for absorbing, retaining and releasing contrasting temperatures. The major differences between this therapy and hot stone massage is the type of rock used as well as the effective use of heated and chilled rocks throughout the procedure.

How does it work?

Warmth from the Lithos heated Rocks can help to open the skin's pores allowing for deeper penetration of active natural waxes used in the massage. The chilled Lithos Rocks have an anti-inflammatory effect, calming and soothing the skin.

Lithos Therapy is based on the simultaneous use of thermotherapy (heated) and cryotherapy (chilled) techniques. The pumping effect in the vascular system caused by the contrasting temperatures stimulates your circulation, encouraging the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients which accelerates healing. Applying heated Rocks to sore muscles eases tension, alleviates stiffness and increases flexibility.  Using the Rocks as massage instruments also stimulates the lymphatic system which helps to drain toxic build up.

The rocks, combined with massage, in effect magnify each massage stroke because the muscle tissue has been 'loosened' by the rocks. The benefits go beyond the therapist’s hands alone.

This unique experience improves your health by working into the nervous system, providing deep relaxation which helps with stress reduction and feels absolutely amazing at the same time.