Sports Massage 23 Mar 2017

Nikki is doing a fantastic job helping different athletes with some very effective sports massage. She does a great job targeting areas of concern with treatment suited to your activities and training schedule. Sports massage is very effective at helping prevent injury and promote recovery. Book in with Nikki and discuss with her how she can help support you in your sport.


Massage and post-exercise recovery 23 Mar 2017

New scientific research  (published in the Bristish Journal of Sports Medicine, Oct 2016) have shown that massage as a post-exercise recovery for athletes is effective. It reduces the inflammatory response to exercise, thereby decreasing tissue damage and accelerating recovery, as well as diminishing pain, muscle tone and hyperactivity. 

If you are an athlete and haven't yet experienced sports massage for post-exercise recovery, I would recommend you book in and try for yourself.


Training for the Triathlon? 12 Mar 2017

It's just one more week to the Tremains Triathlon. Hopefully you have trained well and are feeling prepared. You may like to consider a pre-event massage about 3 days out to prepare the body for its gruelling task ahead. If there is massage available afterwards I would strongly recommend a quick leg 'flush out' so the muscles will not be quite so sore the next day. If this is unavailable, book in for a post-event sports massage with us on Monday or Tuesday. Good Luck for the event!


Office workers 9 Mar 2017

Do you suffer from:  *Pain between the shoulder blades?  *Neck pain?  *Headaches?  *Stiff back?

Therapeutic massage can help:

*Reduce muscular tension   *Improve pain-related posture  *Reduce stress levels   *Improve circulation    *Treat and prevent headaches

A series of 3 massages in fairly close succession can make a huge difference. Come in for a free consultation to see if we can help you or book online now.