World cup rugby final preparations 27 Oct 2015

As we all wait with anticipation for a positive result from the All Blacks this weekend, I wonder how many massages they are having to prepare themselves. Hopefully they will all have received lots of remedial massage so they will be in peak condition for the match!

If you are preparing for an event yourself, several timely remedial sports massages can really help.

As a previous Physical Education teacher I understand sports and their impact on the body, so if you would like to see how massage may be able to help you...I am just a phone call/text/email away or you can even book online at 


Keep moving! 18 Oct 2015

"Energy creates energy, so the more you move, the more energy you will actually have."


Health & Well-being Expo 18 Oct 2015

Thanks to all the lovely people who visited my stand at the expo. Thank you also to everyone who put their name into the draw for a FREE 60 minute Lithos Rock Therapy massage.

Congratulations to Crystal who is the winner. 

Remember if you would still like a free initial consultation and 5 minute massage, this is available for anyone-just pop into my clinic in Taradale.


Health benefits of therapeutic deep tissue massage: 4 Oct 2015

Massage Therapy helps reduce tension and soreness in muscles while soothing and relaxing you. It also plays another vital health role. The deep pressure, motion and friction created by deep tissue massage raises thermal levels far beneath the surface. It squeezes and stretches the connective tissues which creates a cleansing, flushing effect. Large amounts of toxins and wastes can therefore be moved into intercellular fluids and into the bloodstream, from which they can then be eliminated. This will then allow improved functioning of the connective tissue.