Sports Massage 18 Feb 2017

Training for the Country to Coast or perhaps some other sports event? We specialise in Sports Massage and are very keen to look after athletes pre and post event. It can help prevent injuries, restore mobility to injured muscle tissue and boost performance by maintaining the condition of the body. We look forward to a call or book online to see if we can help you.


Massage can help ease pain. 18 Feb 2017

Human touch used to alleviate pain is one of the oldest approaches to healing know to humankind. What do you see children do when they fall over? Rub the sore spot. There is growing evidence that massage therapy is a great treatment to help deal with pain. 

A new review published in a US Pain Medicine journal said that pain is recognised as the most compelling reason for an individual to seek medical attention. Good evidence has shown that massage is effective in the management of musculoskeletal pain, cancer-associated pain and surgical pain.


Health benefits of a therapeutic, remedial massage 13 Feb 2017

Remedial massage is a massage that helps reduce tension and soreness in muscles while soothing and relaxing you. The squeezing and stretching of the muscles helps create a cleansing, flushing effect. This moves toxins and wastes into the bloodstream from which they can then be eliminated. This will then allow improved functioning of the connective tissue.