Our doors are closed temporarily, but our hearts remain open 19 Mar 2020

We, at Serenity Massage Therapy, are devastated to have to announce that our clinic is now temporarily closed to clients until further notice.

We are following the Govenment guidelines as we are now in lockdown at Level 4.

Follow our facebook page for regular updates and some great self-care ideas to help us all through this difficult time.

We thank you for your understanding and look forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future. 

Take care of yourself and your family. 'Be calm, kind and patient'. From the team at Serenity. heart


March is Lymphoedema Awareness month 1 Mar 2020

Lymphoedema is the presence of chronic swelling in the body that occurs when the lymphatic system is not working properly. It most commonly affects the arms and legs and may develop after surgery, injury or cancer treatment. There can be other underlying causes, such as venous insufficiency, that result in the lymphatics being overloaded, but lymphoedema can also develop seemingly out of nowhere.

If you are experiencing the following feelings in your arms, legs, trunk or head and neck, it may be lymphoedema:

TIGHTNESS- Jewellery, shoes or clothing feel too tight, particularly on one side, without overall weight gain. The skin may also feel tight or stretched in the same area.

SWELLING- The area looks bigger than before or compared to the other side. This may not be something that others notice; just the person who has swelling.

ACHING- The area feels achy or heavy, especially at the end of the day

Do you have or know of someone who has any of these signs?

If so, we have a specialist onboard who can assess your condition and recommend treatment that could help you. Please give us a call to book in with Faye Marie for a free 20-minute consultation during the month of March.