Covid-19 Vaccination mandate 26 Nov 2021

As you will no doubt be aware, the government has legislated a mandate that requires all massage therapists, as health care workers who are in close contact with clients, to be double vaccinated, and businesses to require all clients attending the clinic to also be double vaccinated.

From Friday 3rd December, NZ will be moving to the new traffic light system. This means that we will be requiring all clients to show their vaccination passes before they enter the clinic.

How it will work at Serenity:

When you arrive you will scan in with your Covid app (as you do at the moment) and sanitise your hands.
When your Therapist comes to the door you will show her your Vaccine Pass (which has a QR code on) on your phone or as a hard copy.
We have a Verifier app (on our phone) which will scan your QR code and let us know your vaccination status (it only either shows us a tick and the word 'valid' or if the Pass is not valid, the app will state why e.g. the pass has expired).
Masks will continue to be worn as you enter. Therapists will be wearing a mask throughout the treatment.

We know that there is a lot of strong emotion around this issue and we ask that you respect the Therapists as they check your vaccination status. Please rest assured that we, at Serenity, believe that judgement doesn't fit within our therapeutic environment, and that any information you share with us remains highly confidential.
The procedures that we have in place are to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and to help make us all feel safe.