Back to routine 30 Jan 2017

With the kids due to go back to school this week we will be finding that life will start returning to some of those comforting routines. So if you have had a niggly muscular pain over this holiday period then now is the time to get it looked at while it is still in the acute stage. Often the longer you leave a pain, the longer it takes to sort. So nip it in the bud now! Massage therapy is known to be very effective in dealing with muscular pain. Ring Sue 027 7465034 to book in your treatment or book online by clicking the button at the top of this page.


Introductory offer for massage with Nikki 2 Jan 2017

We are very excited to welcome Nikki Wright to Serenity Massage Therapy. Nikki has a background in customer service roles so enjoys interacting with a wide range of people.  She is a Mum and has a keen interest in health and fitness. Her interest in well-being has led her to working towards gaining a qualification in exercise prescription by completing a Sport and Recreation Diploma. She therefore has a keen interest in sports massage.  Her knowledge in this area will enhance her massage work. Welcome Nikki.

As an introductory offer, if you book with Nikki in the next month, you will receive a voucher for $10 off your next massage with Serenity. Bookings are easy to make online, if you wish, through my Serenity Massage facebook page or Otherwise a text or call are absolutely fine. 



Happy New Year 2 Jan 2017

2017 looks to be a great year. May your New Year be filled with happiness and contentment.

We look forward to seeing our regular clients again and welcome any new clients to the clinic.

If your New Year's resolution includes taking care of yourself then Therapeutic Massage can help you achieve this. Online bookings are available for all 3 therapists now. We will be open on January 9th.