Exciting times! 16 Jun 2016

Exciting times for Serenity Massage Therapy...I would like to welcome Hana Campbell as a new staff member due to start on June 28th. She will be working Tuesday morning, all day Wednesday, Thursday afternoon and every second Saturday. Hana comes highly recommended and I can vouch for her ability as I been the recipient of one of her fantastic massages. She comes with a background in personal training and has a keen interest in sport. Bookings are open now if you would like to make an appointment with Hana.


6 benefits of lymphatic drainage experienced by athletes 11 Jun 2016

Faster recover from cardio and weight training

Less fluid underlying the skin

More energy

Firmer, healthier skin tone

A general feeling of wellbeing after being 'detoxed'

Helped with pain associated with bursitis in joint


Heated Lithos rock massage 11 Jun 2016

This weather certainly can't decide what it wants to do, but regardless of the weather it is always amazing to receive a massage treatment using heated Lithos rocks! It is an extraordinary sensory experience that helps maintain or restore muscle/tendon elasticity, improves circulation of blood and lymph and is deeply relaxing. Give it a go if you haven't already-I'm sure you won't be disappointed!