Deep Tissue Massage Spring special 25 Oct 2013

Don’t you just love late Spring? Beautiful weather (mostly), more daylight, birds, nature, etc.

What could help put a little more spring in your step?

This month I can help you put some valuable spring into your physical health and wellbeing by offering a series of Deep Tissue massages focussing on relieving muscular and connective tissue (fascia). This will help prepare your body for a summer with reduced muscular tension.

THREE 60 minute -Deep Tissue massages for $140


Massage New Zealand Awareness Week 15 Oct 2013

Theme: 'Postural Stress - reduce strain and prevent pain with massage'

Postural stress is the stress on our bodies as a result of inefficient posture, repetitive movements or prolonged time in the same positions; often as a result of work environments.

Massage therapy is an effective way to begin to change your posture. That change begins by becoming aware of your incorrect posture through a postural assessment.  Then a series of massage treatments will release tight muscles, allowing your body the space for change.

MASSAGE SPECIAL to support theme:

***FREE 10 min. postural assessment                                   

*50 minutes  Neck, Back and Shoulders  

*or   Back, Hips and Gluteals (butt!)… for $50

*or   buy a Concession card: 5 massages for just $210