"Having had a number of massages with Sue over a period of six months, our appointments are a part of my life I look forward to.

Sue has a wonderful warmness in her greeting. She also has a peacefulness that makes you feel very relaxed and tranquil. Sue has a great way of working her hands and is really  able to work the knots of stress out. Her deep tissue massage is really valuable and helps you leave her place so relaxed. Sue you are a blessing and help so many of us function better. Thank you."


“Sue has provided me with therapeutic massage for neck and back issues. She provides me with relief and improvement. Her professional knowledge combined with a lovely approach makes for an excellent health professional.”


“The massage was amazing and truly the best I've had anywhere in the world. Thank you so much for your kindness and healing hands, Lydie!" 


“I was over on vacation seeing my brother recently and have had some issues with the right leg whilst running, generally around the glutes and groin area. As this wasn't getting any better and I had a trail marathon when I returned to the UK beginning of March, I thought it best to get checked out again. Wendy, who assessed me, found that the issue stemed from my ITB. She was able to give me some valuable information to take to my local physio but also during the hours session she did some deep tissue massaging which helped greatly. It is a pity that I don't live in NZ as I would certainly use this practice. I will be returing in 2022 and will pop along for a sports massage. Thx Keith"


"Thank you very much for the Lymphatic Drainage treatment yesterday. It was very successful. Many trips to the loo, pain free knee. My knee looks like it has been on a week long fast! Amazing how the size of the lump has reduced so much. Thank you once again."

Sue E

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