Gift Vouchers 29 Jul 2018

A massage voucher is such a lovely gift to give. It truly shows how much you care for someone. 

Click the 'Gift Voucher' button above for a printed off voucher or pop in to the clinic for a voucher like the one above.


Extraordinary deluxe Lithos Rock Therapy 29 Jul 2018

Your well-earned 90 minutes of pure indulgence begins as you settle onto the heated massage table. Then let your body relax completely as the warm Lithos rocks soothe and stimulate your skin. Your senses will be awakened and refreshed by the combination of invigorating massage and the heated rock treatment.  These 90 minutes of bliss will accelerate healing, relieve tension and stress and encourage wellness and rejuvenation. By the end of your treatment you will feel deeply relaxed.

A blissful, sensory journey that delights!