Long weekend 24 Oct 2019

Wishing you all a fabulous long holiday break. We are open on Friday and Saturday but at this stage we are fully booked. We will be closed on Monday.
Do something to look after yourself and stay safe.


Pink ribbon Wheat Bags for Breast Awareness Month 10 Oct 2019

The month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and as this is a cause close to our hearts we are running a pink ribbon promotion.The goal of our promotion is to a) raise awareness and b) raise money.
You can choose from three cotton wheat bags. Kiwi Wheat Bags will be donating $2 from the sale of each of these wheat bags to the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, as will Serenity Massage Therapy.
Wheat Bags soothe aches, pains, sore muscles and tension and can be used hot or cold. They are a great alternative to hot water bottles on cold days and chilly evenings.


Look after your body 5 Oct 2019

Your body is a special place to live ... so look after it. 

One way that you can look after yourself between massages (that your massage therapist may have mentioned to you) is by using a foam roller or massage ball. Therapeutic foam rolling affects both fascia and muscle tissues. Rolling an area increases circulation and frees up any fascia that is bound up. It loosens connective tissue and helps release tension or trigger points. You can then stretch and strengthen more effectively and return your tissues to a state of balance and greater ease.

If you are interested, we sell both foam rollers and massage balls in our clinic.