Please look after yourself 25 Sep 2020

Aren't we fortunate to be at Level 1 again? We do still ask if you have any respiratory or flu-like symptoms to please contact us to reschedule your appointment. Our clinic continues to follow strict hygiene and cleaning protocols to support our defence against the virus re-emerging. 


Mental Health Awareness 25 Sep 2020

It is Mental Health Awareness week. This years theme is ‘Reimagine Wellbeing Together’ – He Tirohanga Anamata.  The team at Serenity take wellbeing seriously and believe that you need to look after yourself first, so you can look after others.  If your tank is empty, there is nothing left for your family, friends and work colleagues, which means low quality relationships and reduced work productivity. One way that you can look after yourself is to give yourself the time to have a massage. The benefits are not only physical but because the relaxation allows you to lock into your parasympathetic nervous system, it has huge mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. If you have never experienced that amazing feeling after a receiving a great massage, book in with us now!


Alert level 2 protocol 15 Sep 2020

As we are now in Alert Level 2, our clinic has a few changes.
Firstly, if you have any respiratory or flu-like symptoms, please contact us to reschedule your appointment.
We continue to follow strict hygiene and cleaning protocols and ask that, as much as possible, you wait by the back door (or in your car) until the time of your appointment (to avoid lots of people in the waiting room). Your therapist will usher you straight into the therapy room. Thanks for your understanding.

From the team at Serenity Massage Therapy.


Myofascial Release Therapy 15 Sep 2020

Sue has just spent several days learning some more about Myofascial Release and is very excited to use this technique in her treatments. This Therapy addresses the fascia (which is a web of connective tissue that surrounds muscles, muscles groups, blood vessels, organs and nerves, binding them together like plastic wrap), allowing muscles to return to their healthier length, position and function. This dynamic technique is effective in releasing adhesions, changing restrictive holding patterns in the soft tissue and restoring the body’s natural flow and glide-ability. It is highly effective at addressing pain, increasing range of movement and restoring overall function in the body.

The impact of myofascial release work goes way beyond the physical. It is widely recognised and understood that our life experiences, memories, emotions and even our belief systems are stored in our fascial web. So, when we work fascia it becomes a whole mind-body experience.

If you would like to know more or experience the treatment book in with Sue.


Fathers Day is coming up 2 Sep 2020

Celebrate the special man in your life with a gift he will love this Father's Day - an amazing therapeutic massage. He can choose a relaxation massage or if he would like some relief from tight and sore muscles he can choose a remedial massage. Click on the 'book now' button above to buy your gift voucher.