Professional Relaxation Massage & Remedial Therapy in Napier, Hawkes Bay, New Zealand - specialising in remedial massage including couples massage and sports massage

Swedish Relaxation Massage

A therapeutic massage that leaves you feeling deeply relaxed. It helps reduce stress by calming the nervous system. This is also a great pregnancy massage.

60 MINUTES: $80                90 MINUTES: $110


Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage

Targets the deeper layers of muscles to help release chronic tension. This therapeutic massage is designed to break your cycle of muscle spasm and pain.

60 MINUTES: $80                90 MINUTES: $110


Remedial / Soft Tissue Massage

Targets re-alignment through a gentle touch. Focus can be on re-setting muscle imbalances and/or postural correction.

60 MINUTES: $80                90 MINUTES: $110


Sports Massage

An invigorating massage suitable for those training for an event, in a sports team or working out to stay fit. Can help speed recovery, relieve muscle tension, ease joints, prevent injury and improve flexibility.

60 MINUTES: $80            90 MINUTES: $110


Aroma-serene Massage

An exceptional mind, body and soul treatment that uses high-quality essential oils in a gentle massage that targets your overall well-being. The oils have amazing healing benefits that relax and uplift.

60 MINUTES: $90                90 MINUTES: $120


Lithos Rock Therapy 

Involves the use of heated rocks to envelope the body in luxurious warmth while being massaged. The use of refreshingly cool rocks provides an interesting contrast, leaving you feeling restored and invigorated. Lithos rock therapy is a totally blissful experience.

60 MINUTES: $110            90 MINUTES: $140


Manual Lymphatic Drainage

A very light, gentle, non-invasive, manual technique which has a lulling effect on the nervous system. It increases the flow of lymph resulting in detoxification, reduces swelling and aids recovery from injury. Manual lymphatic drainage massage is very effective in helping with the control of lymphoedema (swelling of the tissues due to blockage or absence of lymph drainage channels). Compression bandaging techniques are able to be used during the treatment and advice and ordering of compression garments available. 

30 MINUTES: $60          60 MINUTES: $80

Bliss body and face massage

Chill out with an hour's therapeutic massage of your choice and finishing with 30 minutes blissful, relaxing, soothing massage on the face. It is a beautiful way to unwind and de-stress. Fractionated coconut or apricot oil will be used on your face to help hydrate, nourish and soothe your skin. A head massage can also be included, if desired. 

90 MINUTES: $110

Couples Massage

This is a nice way to relax and receive a relaxing massage at the same time as your partner or friend. Also an amazing treat for a bride-to-be and her bridesmaid or mum or for an anniversary.  You will be in the same room side-by-side.  Available on request (to arrange 2 therapists). 

60 MINUTES: $170          90 MINUTES: $230


Reiki / Chakra balancing

Reiki is a hands on healing practice which utilises the presence of universal life force energy or Ki/chi, reducing stress and promoting relaxation and overall balance in mind, body and emotions by strengthening the energy within your own body to support the body’s self-healing ability.

Chakra balancing creates balance in the body's energy systems which in turn achieve equilibrium throughout the mind and body.

60 MINUTES: $80        90 MINUTES: $110



Face Massage

A blissful, relaxing, soothing massage on the face that can help ease sinus congestion, headaches and puffy eyes. It is a beautiful way to unwind and de-stress. We will use Fractionated Coconut Oil to help hydrate, nourish and soothe your skin. An essential oil can be added if you wish. This oil leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth without a greasy after effect. A head massage can also be included, if desired.

30 MINUTES: $60




Oil free, clothes on mini-massage

A special combination of gentle to firm massage using pressure point therapy, aiming to realign and relax the body. No oils or products will be used. Ideal during your lunch break. Performed over your own clothing (soft, comfortable is ideal). 

30 MINUTES: $60       





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