Luxurious heated rock massage special offer 13 Jul 2015

Imagine slipping into a beautifully warmed massage bed, shutting your eyes in preparation to receive an amazing WARM and DEEPLY RELAXING heated rock massage.  

Applying heated Rocks to your sore muscles can ease the tension and help relax those knotted muscle fibres.  This stimulates your circulation, encouraging the flow of blood enriched with oxygen and nutrients to accelerate your healing.

It is said that 1 massage stroke with a heated rock is equivalent to 10 without.

SPECIAL OFFER for  July and August:

With every luxurious heated rock massage you receive a wee gift including a VOUCHER giving you $15 off  your next massage.  

If you would like a heated rock taster, ask for this when booking and just add an extra $10 to your regular massage to experience the enriching feel of the rocks.

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