Serenity Massage Therapy ... in Taradale or Puketapu

Whether seeking relief for muscular tension, searching for a method to help deal with the stresses of daily living or wanting to maintain optimum health, more and more people are turning to therapeutic massage.

The scope of this massage practice is wide-ranging from relaxation massage to remedial therapy.  Whether you need to unwind after a busy or stressful day, are carrying some muscular tension that you would like reduced or are an athlete preparing for an event or recovering from competition, a therapeutic massage can be hugely beneficial.

Indulge in a healthy ritual that’s great for your mind and body.


Lithos Therapy is another choice offered to you. This is an extraordinary massage treatment using specially designed and shaped marble rocks which are either heated or chilled and placed strategically on or next to your body and used within the massage procedure. Some people call this hot stone massage.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an effective treatment offered for oedema and pain management for a wide range of health issues. It is a proven, gentle, hands-on therapy that speeds healing and improves mobility. It is a very light, pulsing or pumping massage which has a lulling, relaxing effect on the nervous system. It increases the flow of lymph through the body resulting in detoxification and the reduction of swelling and fluid retention. MLD is a great way to help the body to help itself.

Touch to heal is instinctive and part of what makes us human. Massage is a much respected and vital therapy with many people choosing it as a means of health care, relaxation and rehabilitation.



  • Welcome to Wendy

    We are very excited to welcome Wendy to the amazing team at Serenity Massage Therapy.  She gives a fantastic focused massage and truly believes that  through the healing power of touch, massage can make a huge difference.  "My passion is helping to make that difference in people’s lives." Bookings are now open with Wendy.   

    Aroma-serene therapy is here!

    We are very excited to offer a new treatment at Serenity. It is and exceptional mind, body and soul treatment that uses high quality essential oils in a gentle massage targeting your overall well-being. The oils have amazing healing benefits that relax and uplift. You will also receive a gift of the oil you chose for your massage to use at home.... read more