Mother's Day special 27 Apr 2015

What better way to show how much you care... give the Mum in your life (whether she is your actual Mum or a special mother figure) a voucher for an amazing WARM and DEEPLY RELAXING heated   rock massage.

ONLY $120  $100 for a 90 minute full body Lithos rock massage

OR $90  $80 for 60 minutes, neck, back and shoulders Lithos rock massage. 


Your posture may be causing you pain 22 Apr 2015

I have recently written an article on how fascia may affect your muscle function and postural alignment. To read more:  In summary, fascia is a single three-dimensional web of connective tissue that wraps around all the internal parts of the body from head to toe. As a massage therapist I am able to look at someone's posture and see where there may be a misalignment ,where the fascia is possibly restricted and tight. I would then use a variety of techniques to move the tissues and fascia in the direction that I want them to move in to help reduce any pain or discomfort. Over a couple of treatments the fascia is likely to release and lengthen, helping the overall postural alignment. 

If you are feeling some discomfort or pain that seems to be associated with your posture, a visit to Serenity Massage Therapy could help you. 


Seeking relief from pain and discomfort? 15 Apr 2015

Are you looking for relief from pain and discomfort? A lot of the time these are chronic complaints with an underlying influence of habitual body use patterns. These harmful patterns can be changed for more beneficial ones with a little help.

I'm feeling inspired after a weekend away at a Massage course learning about this!  I am looking forward to using some of the new techniques I have learned to help release restrictions in joints, muscles and fascia.

If you are interested in making a change to a pattern you have developed, contact Serenity Massage Therapy today.


Happy Easter 2 Apr 2015

How are you celebrating your Easter? However that may be, I hope you have a very relaxing break and find some time for yourself.

Serenity Massage Therapy clinic is closed for the Easter break but will re-open on Tuesday 7th April.